Thursday, July 17, 2008

if you need me i'll be sleeping in the freezer tonight

i just noticed my computer is burning hot. like a small log fire on my desk. in case you care my apartment is 6 bagillion degrees right now. So hot I had to wipe cold water on my arms and neck and stand in front of the fan. showering twice a day hot. the thought of breathing cold sterile air when fresh air is soooo awesome keeps me from caving in but its getting tougher.

this is a picture of the sun rising yesterday because guess what? i was awake at 4 in the morning when the sun rises. two days in row now, this heat is making me crazy.

Took my bike out last night for a before bed for a 'please be cold outside because I can't go to sleep feeling this sweaty' stoner trip. it was peaceful. i got some good pictures and my ass got one hell of a workout going up a mountain aka hill. i almost quit halfway up but i figured i had nothing else to do, might as well enjoy the way down starting from the top. my brakes are shit so wish me luck out there.


my mom wants me to get a helmut. even the word is ugly. HELMUT. hel mut. helm ut. probably not going to ever happen.

holy shit my power just went out. thats happened a few times now in this apartment, in the middle of the night mostly. one day i won't wake up for work on account of my shittyshitty amazing internal clock and it will be the most glorious sleep in ever. i miss sleeping in. and naps. being a student plus working in a restaurant plus smoking bowls equals naps.

this shopping cart has been here for at least two or three weeks now. and i kid you not, two minutes after taking this picture this guy walks up and takes it. just throws his back pack into the top compartment and starts pushing it down the sidewalk. like he was just coming home from work and remembers oh shit i forgot to pick up a shopping cart today. fuck. oh look here....okay this joke is over as in never started.

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steph said...

i like your shots!

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