Thursday, July 24, 2008

No one could pull off a basket quite like you

A tribute to my beloved bicycle...

it was great while it lasted.

you fit me perfectly and even though you were ALWAYS broken i still loved you. maybe i loved you more because i thought i could fix you. show the world your real potential.

i reported you were missing to the police but the chances of me getting you back are pretty slim. why didn't i know you had a serial number? how could i have been so blind? i'm sorry bike.

i loved you bicycle. You were always there for me when it was late and i was drunk and needed a ride home. you never complained when i would load you up with groceries just so i didn't have to carry them. you didn't mind when i would slam on the brakes because i wasn't paying attention to the road and talking on my cell phone...while drinking. and playing the harmonica.

apart from the tantrum you threw after riding you home in the rain (resulting in the front brakes flying off, into traffic no less)(it probably hurt me more then you) i feel like our relationship was always filled with happiness and reckless adventures.

it saddens me that your gone, dear bicycle, but i'm happy for the time we got to spend together.


In HAPPIER news. Guess who is coming to visit this weekend? THIS GIRL!!!!!!!

ps dc you should really work on taking better pics, it took me like half an hour to find one that didn't look like this ..(sorry)...


Anonymous said...

pahaha! Ew. That ugly picture of me is uggggly. And nice bike porn.

Anonymous said...

Man I was into every single second of that bike porn....We want them back !!!!!!

red food colouring said...

awwww i have friends!
i'll try and incorporate more bike porn into this blog from now on. love you!

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