Sunday, July 27, 2008

reasons my life isn't as grand as i will lead you to believe it is.

yes this is going to be one of those posts. deal.

-my job keeps me inside all day. 
-i live in a polluted city
-my bank account is at an all time low 
-i need to find another job in a month
-new job=serving again
-i feel like there is nothing special about me
-my apartment still isn't finished being painted
-there is one only person in my life i have never and could never lie to
-i always burn bridges with people who deserve better then that
-i am replaceable
-in tough situations my gut reaction is always to lie
-i've been putting off contacting some people to make things right by telling them the truth
-i'm going to have to take out my first loan soon
-my bike is gone and i don't have the money to replace it
-i live alone and its not nearly as wonderful as i thought it would be
-but if you asked me in person how i like living alone i would probably say something along the lines of "i really like it a lot, i love having time to myself, not clean up after anyone". I'd rather lie then admit i'm wrong.
-living a life of lies is exhausting to maintain. 

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