Sunday, December 14, 2008

dog day afternoon

walking around i made the decision to make soup in the slow cooker when i got home. an after thought is it may have been a bit late in the day to cook a meal in something that starts with the word slow. that kept me warm on my walk, ducking into store thats had condensation on the windows and bright shiny things inside. 

the cutest little tea shop open up near my house. they probably have over one hundred different kinds of tea to try. i'm partial to the chai tea lattes. 
its taken me almost a week of hanging and cleaning and lots of decluttering, but i'm ready for my new table and chairs. since this was a craigslist find my mom and brother are coming to help me get it here and lug it up four eight flights of stairs. 
tomorrow i am looking forward to the first meal on my table being homemade soup with fresh bread and butter, packing up all the extra clutter and going home to see a christmas tree. 

oh and i also cleaned my bong today. for once. 

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