Monday, July 19, 2010

this calendar is fill in the dates yourself (perfect for sporadic people like me who decide they need a calendar in the middle of july)
lists with little checkmark circles! the book that i use right now i make little squares beside every To Do item, then the square gets filled in when the item is completed.
i am SUCH a list person. without a list there are so many things just swirling around in my brain and i am paralyzed and as a result get nothing done because i can't prioritize. a list means everything is out on the table, there are no surprises, everything can be evaluated and completed in sequence.

with a list, nothing is forgotten. with a list and a calendar, its allll under control.


Alicia said...

Oh my god-

this may just be the coolest thing ever! I love sitting in class and making lists.. and now they could look pretty!

angela anne said...

i am list crazy too, and NOTHING gets done without one! haha
i need this calendar too!

p.s. check out my new blog!

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