Friday, July 2, 2010

i can't even believe it. but i am leaving tomorrow! tomorrow!

online check in = Enregistrement en ligne

i can't find where i am supposed to check in online on the french air transat website. whyyyyyyyy is everything in french.

things not to forget: salted caramel macaroons, picnics in parks, espresso on every corner, scooter rides through crowded streets, les enfants, the scarf dance in the ballet we saw, ordering subs in french -encore cornichons, shrek 4- its going to blow your brains out, navigo cards, secret sugar and butter crepes, paris pharmacies, taking the RER everywhere, balmy summer days, and of course being best friends forever.

i'm sad to leave the city but excited to see my boyfriend, sooooooo long. i can't wait to see him.


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