Sunday, July 25, 2010

hi team!

thats how i like to start a lot of emails at work. when i say team first they are distracted from the favor i am going to ask of them. oldest trick in the book.

okay in other stupid news my sleep patterns have been wayyyy off lately. on average i would say i am a person that needs a lot of sleep. when i don't have a certain number of hours of sleep (8) i am always yawning and get really lethargic at the end of the day, and in the middle now that i think about it. regardless, this is how i've been forever, i need my sleep.

lately though, its been go go go. up at night and not even that tired in the morning. full days of productivity and getting things crossed off the list.

i've been thinking of getting bangs lately.
-cover some/most of my never ending forehead
-haven't had bangs since i was a kid and am curious what they would look like

-super high maintenance, the front part of my hair can have a mind of its own
-will need to shower more
-extra time to style them daily
-all these points are pretty much the same thing, bangs are a lot of work

i decided i am going to grow my hair out naturally. no more dying it. okay actually that is a lie i am going to dye it as close to my natural colour as possible and then let it grow out from there. the ends are so dry and i'm growing out of the blond. (literally) wow this is riveting stuff.

yuck whenever i have pasties it feels like there is fur on my tongue. maybe its spelled pasty's? paisties? okay official vote says pasties.

haha i will leave you with some advice to combat pasties-

yeah, i get reeal bad dry mouth. sometimes i dont mind though. carry around a good sized bottle of water so you dont have to keep refilling your glass.

excellent solution my friend.

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