Wednesday, July 28, 2010

my tips on a lovely home


I recently stumbled accross this post Mistakes not to make when furnishing your home

so I would like to expand on her post and add some of my advice

Mistakes not to make when making your home lovely

-don't just push all the furniture up against the walls and call it a day, look at the flow and how you use the space and the items in it. Sometimes a chair in the middle of the room just makes more sense.

-dont overlook the power of drapes. they can add a softness to a room and make it look 'lived in'

-if you don't use it everyday, put it away

-keep paper clutter in one place in your home. organize a system to file it or at least make ONE pile of paper that is waiting to be sorted. and on that same note don't bring paper into your home that has no purpose. just because 20 flyers come every week doesn't mean they need to stay for a whole week.

-keep cold water and lemons on hand at all times

-don't invest in serious wine glasses until your friends are ready to take using them seriously

-if you have natural light plants can really energize a space. add long lasting green leafy plants as well as freshly picked colourful flowers.

-everybody loves little dishes of candy or nuts

-wash your hands when you get home, leave the outside outside

-look at where you spend time in your home. ask yourself why. and more importantly why not in other place?

-you begin and end every day in your home, it is your launching pad and your retreat. if your home is too cluttered, not cleaned properly or not functional this will inhibit you every day. invest in it and it will give back to you every day.

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Amanda said...

Oh i love it!
Your ideas are fabulous.
I will bookmarking yours to keep with me for inspiration. :)

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