Friday, June 1, 2012

Its Friday!!


Its Friday!!

This week went by SO fast and I can't believe its June already. crazy talk.

This weekend we don't have too many plans....tonight after work we are going thrifting (The Goodwill by my  apartment has 50% off every Friday) having dinner and some drinks and then going to see Moonrise Kingdom. Check out the trailer if you love Wes Anderson movies. 

Saturday Peters parents are in the city, I think we will hit up the St. Lawrence market with them and my friend Julie is coming over for dinner and drinks. Hopefully its not raining and we can go out to the cutest bar that just opened near my apt. 3030 on Dundas West. oh and my friend is playing at another bar just down the street too. 

Sunday is for relaxing, reading, working on new business cards for Two Birds Eatery and listening to records. 

Have a great weekend!! Stay dry :) 

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Miss Kait said...

Ee! I'm jealous of your weekend plans.

Speaking of cute bars. Us bloggy ladies should go to that tea bar on King W next get together ;) hehe

The Kitschen said...

Hi love.

I just wanted to let you know that I found you and I adore your blog, attitude, and interests. I think too often people blurk (blog + lurk) and don't comment when they want to... I wanna change that!

Keep up the good work. You are a positive and gorgeous force on the internet.


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