Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a weekend in the junction

Hey lovelies.

So after going back and forth we decided to stay in the city over the weekend. It ended up being a gorgeous day on Sunday and we took full advantage of it.

We started the morning at the first ever Junction Flea Market!

There were a ton of great vendors. lots of vintage goodies and handmade leather goods, silkscreen items and awesomeness.

oh and hey look: There was a fortune teller inside this trailer!!

we wandered around a little in the neighborhood and window shopped. 

and after we had sandwiches ordered at the deli and walked to high park to eat them! yum yum.

Have you seen this can above? Somersby? its AMAZING!! the LCBO just started carrying it and its an apple cider beer that is so so so so so tasty. The drink of summer 2012 for sure. 

Oh and also from our neighborhood we stopped and bought wheat and gluten free donuts from Bunners which went incredibly well with the ontario strawberries organic ice cream from Delight

I'm a bit of an ice cream snob (having grown up in the home of Kawartha Dairy and all) but this ice cream is sooooooo delicious and taste so fresh. Highly recommend. 

I just love my neighborhood. its perfect! so many great shops and cute stores and the people are SO friendly. There are always new things going on, they recently started a farmers market on saturday mornings just a short walk from my apartment and this flea market will be a monthly occurring event in the summer. 

I wish I could afford to buy instead of rent but I wouldn't want to move out of this neighborhood, even if it means waiting a few more years to save up. 

If your looking for a great place to spend a day in Toronto, I highly recommend the junction


mel said...

Junction flea market!?!
I'll keep my eyes peeled for the next one and try to make it down. Btw my fave thing in the junction is a (takeout only) restaurant called Indian Kitchen. It's on Keele and it's the best Indian food I've had in this city. I wish they did cooking lessons!

miss teacups. said...

Ummm that market looked amazing, same with all of the other little shops you popped into...and I've been dying for one of those donuts since you posted the photo on IG.

I want to move into the apartment that is for rent in your building then we can have days like this all the freaking time!!

The Eye said...

Cool pictures! We're right down the street from there, and were heading down to the Vintage Market at St. Lawrence Market when we passed by the Junction Flea! Full of people, full of life- but all we got was a glimpse...next time, we will be sure to go! Nothing beats life in the Junction these days...

Love the photos you took.


{The Eye}

Holly Knitlightly said...

ooh I'll definitely have to check this out sometime! It looks like there are a ton of awesome things to see/buy/do! Fortune teller? AMAZING, ha!

Kawartha Dairy!! I used to always go to the one in Minden because it was up by my cottage in Haliburton. Man I loved that ice cream, ha!

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