Friday, June 15, 2012

Then I look at you and the world's alright with me

Happy Friday! 

its been a great week. One of ups and downs and lots of optimism. 

This weekend:
-get my bike! (and hopefully one for Peter too)
-make ginger lemonaide
-go to the local farmers market
-buy lots of fresh veggies and make an epic meal saturday night
-go see some free concerts for NXNE
-set up our roof top patio with the new christmas lights
-buy and plant a bunch of greenery on the roof!
-film our adventures together
-go and see moonrise kingdom (last time we went it was sold out)

Do you like these pictures? I used a cool technique where you disconnect your lens from the camera and then take the pictures. it creates a bunch of light leaks and unfocused areas. I really like it.

Super excited that my BFF is coming from France for THREE WHOLE WEEKS at the end of the summer!

We have already started planning the trip. One weekend in the city, one at my cottage and probably one in Montreal.

SO SO SO EXCITED. I haven't seen her in a year and a half and to get to spend that much time with her will be amazing. we had a two hour skype session last weekend to start planning and even though its still a month and a half away I am so happy.

reading: Almost finished my book. Before I go to Sleep. So good! highly recommend. wow the last little bit was totally unexpected. love books that take you on a rollar coaster right before they finish. I don't want it to end.

watching: Mildred Pierce, an HBO mini-series. We rented this from the DVD shop and its been really great. only one more episode to go! its a really great story and inspirational for women entrepreneurs. (and bakers - Leanne!)

Listening: Bill Withers. on repeat. every morning.

Enjoying: this new to me blog, Everyday Musings.  beautiful photograph. found via Holly. Thanks girl!


miss teacups. said...

I really like that technique...I saw it first on A Beautiful Mess I think...but have yet to try it!

Best friends, YAY!! Mine is coming to visit at the end of the summer too...not for as long as yours though! I love having things to look forward to.

Holly Knitlightly said...

OH MAN, is that book not awesome?! At one point I was almost going into a panic attack thinking, "WHAT IF THIS HAPPENS TO ME?!!?!?!" hahahah!

Awesome photos!! I wanna try that technique out sometime, cool!

That's so awesome that your friend is going to be visiting! I'm sure you two will have an AWESOME time! Montreal for the weekend? SO MUCH FUN!

Holly Knitlightly said...

OOOH PS I just made those strawberry biscuits. YUM!

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