Saturday, March 12, 2011

davids tea

so i bought this pretty cool thing from davids tea. its a cup but it also comes with a loose leaf tea holder and a lid! perfect!

i've been eyeing this set up for a while now, but couldn't find any pictures of it on the internet to show my parents for a christmas list.
i bought two different kinds of tea, mint green tea and saigon chai. both are really good and i've made the chai into a latte with frothed milk from the espresso machine. the little lid is also the perfect place to put the 'steeper' bucket thing once it is finished so no drips on the table.
i am actually so addicted to this little thing i bring it home from the office on the weekends because i can't live two days without it.
also, well done davids tea on the branding and packaging, modern, simple, fresh. even the bag is quite nice and this little tin that the tea comes can be refilled next time.

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miss teacups. said...

you're gonna be ADDICTED. i can smell it :) i have 2 of these now...incase one is dirty, hehe. i have the red one and the lovely grey one. i bought this pretty blue one like yours for my mum for christmas. if you ever need any tea recommendations, just ask me as i have about 8 different kinds in my cupboard from davids right now. i got my mum and everyone from her work hooked on davids too. i love it!!!

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