Monday, March 14, 2011

how to split a cheque

an insightful read that applies to pretty much everyone. especially as i get closer to the big 25.  

as many of you know my bf works as a server in a restaurant, i used to serve full time and we have plenty of friends in this industry, front and back of house. you may think that your tip goes unnoticed but that is 100 incorrect. tips are the only reason that people can make a living serving. my bf for instance has worked for probably 10 years in this industry and 3 years at the same place he is now. has he received a raise or made any more then minimum wage? no. even the managers where he works make pennies. 
tipping is the livelihood of the people who are serving you. there are million variables that can go wrong and your server will come to your table with a smile on their face and make sure that your night is as good as it can be. think about the last time you hosted a dinner party? stress city. imagine hosting 12 different tables of a dinner party, all sitting down at different times and your responsible for making sure their glass is never empty, the food comes quickly and the attention never stops. 15% is minimum people. don't be cheap.

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