Friday, March 18, 2011

happy friday!

so so so so happy its finnnnnally friday. my work weeks are pretty crazy right now. launching another project at the start of April so deadlines are tight, my suppliers are working overtime and every delay just snowballs the whole thing. but anyway, enough about that ITS FRIDAY no more work.

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i have a bit of a personal side project that i have been working on (in my 'spare' time HA) and i'm really excited about it. i haven't been able to really let my creative juices flow in a while and its really refreshing. my friend is opening up her very own eatery in BC and i am helping with all marketing/design/sounding board/extra set of hands things! its very exciting and restaurant marketing is certainly something i am pretty interested in. this weekend i am brainstorming logo ideas and researching.
oh and also working for my regular job as well :(

here are some goals I would like to accomplish this weekend!

-bake scones
-go through my clothes and donate what i don't wear
-try and invent some new outfits/see what i might need to shop for
-write some letters
-figure out a way to re-arrange the living room (we lost our balcony this week because they are refacing them. so all our random junk out there had to be sorted out and either thrown out or stored inside now. i have a stack of 6 tires in my living room now. joy)
-get some blog posts ready. BINGE BLOG
-take some film pictures (its supposed to be so warm this weekend yay:)
-buy film for my new polaroid
-possibly go to some open houses for apartments addition to having an auto shop in my living room, my brother has been sleeping in my dining room since christmas. needless to say things are a LITTLE cramped around here so I have been looking to move us to a 2 bedroom. (i secretly love looking for apartments, it may explain why we have moved 8 times in the last 5 years. but we have also been in our current apartment for exactly 1 year and 3 months, which for me is soooo long and i'm very ready to move to a bigger space)
-buy an air plant or ten. and something to hang it in
-go shopping at a few antique stores my uncle was telling me about. apparently they have a small stash of russel wright pottery. fingers crossed.

have a wonderful weekend!


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