Tuesday, March 15, 2011

russel wright

russel wright american modern pottery has always been on my mind while thrifting. i didn't think i could be so lucky. 
i found these two cups for 2$ each. amazing
this is the extent of my russel wright collection, (minus a white tea pot which was an amazing christmas gift) the chartreuse green colour is so eye catching and what are the chances that I find the tea cups that match the plates that I already have? 
I started 'collecting' russel wright (i say that with captions because I hardly have a huge collection but I do have a book or two on the subject and I truly believe he changed the way we entertain in our homes) when i moved out for college. I was given free range of anything that was at our family cottage to stock my shelves with. I chose these plates because they were an amazing colour and had a surprisingly modern design to them. 
I don't anticipate this infatuation to end any time soon. 
for more info on this designer check out this post on apartment therapy. AMAZING

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