Thursday, March 24, 2011


so remember that list i made last friday?

did NONE of those things. not even one. do you think thats where the word none came from NOT+ONE?

instead i bought a new bed, assembled this bed (four hours!), rearranged the living room, went to kitchener for the day, went to a motorcycle show (?)(random i know), had an epic laundry fail, went and saw my friends band play, wasn't the drunkest one, and semi slept in.

i would like to say that at this moment there is a woman vacuuming my living room. AMAZING. i like the mixed reactions i get when i tell people i have a cleaning lady. i would have to divide the reactions by age..people my around my age (24) and younger think its the best thing. how did you find her? what does she do? can she clean my place? and people who are older (parents, relatives, some co-workers) are completely flabbergasted. i'm young, no kids, working a steady (albeit long hours) job I SHOULD HAVE TIME TO CLEAN. i can tell that is what they think. yes well in theory i agree with them. and i could have time to clean. i just choose to do other things instead.
the number one reason why we chose to get a cleaning lady is because the boy and i rarely see each other, we work opposite schedules and when we did see each other it seemed all we did was bicker about cleaning (let me re-phrase that, all I did was bicker about cleaning) it was always something that i was responsible for and it just really got to me. my standard was just higher then his.
SO cue the cleaning lady and i have to changing. i am no longer bitter that my weekends are spent scrubbing the shower and we both get the luxury of actually relaxing on our days off. and i'm not sure what the going rate is everywhere but we pay her $15 an hour. nothing! i guarantee i spent more on 'i just housewifed away another weekend, i deserve this' purchases.

save the drama, be a queen! i heard that on the radio this morning. seems kind of fitting.


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