Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the lost resolutions


so a while ago i started writing out my 11 resolutions for 2011. and then i stopped at 6? no excuse really. are the rest of them!

7. WORK LESS. leave earlier, don't read my blackberry at night, limit time answering emails on the weekends. see ... the company that i work for sells new homes. so the agents are working on weekends, and at night, and every hour of the day. and because i am also the sales manager - they are constantly emailing me. its fine...most days. but sometimes it really gets to me that i cant just enjoy an unplugged weekend away. but i am going to make more of an effort. i have decided to have a meeting with my boss and just explain that i can't work 7 days a week, i will burn out. it will not be productive. i'd like to come to some sort of compromise, if i have to work on saturdays then i'll take another day of the week off. plus i need another raise, not sure if that counts as a resolution but its got to happen.

8. contribute to an RRSP. you know for the tax benefits and all those grown up reasons. PLUS. this is a tidbit i learned. - you can pull out up to $25,000 when you go to buy your first home. so essentially, for sometime who is looking to buy their first home (condo) soon, I can put money in this account, TAX FREE, bring down my income level for this year (different tax bracket means I have to pass less taxes, ie GET MORE MONEY BACK) and in a couple months, I can use all that money for the down payment. never paying tax on it.
just so you know- in ontario
- you have to have the money in the account for minimum 90 days before you can pull it out for the down payment.
-you have to repay the money you take out but you have 15 years to do so, and you don't have to start paying it back until one year after the withdraw. same as osap i think.


9. do more couple things. we are bad at this. but I want us to be better. we had a good heart to heart about this and i'm excited to see how things play out. possible things to try:
-going on more walks
-rock climbing
-day trips in the car
-flea market shopping 
-cooking together
-going to the market
-going to toronto island in the summer
-dinner dates
-blue jays games
-being better about doing something during our days off together instead of just lazing around 

10. put more effort into hair and makeup.i have to say that i am actually really trying at this. girly stuff like this doesn't come naturally to me. i recently went to sephora and made the girl take me around the store until we finally found the perfect lipstick. IM IN LOVE! so so so worth it. 

11. sell vintage on ebay or etsy....more on this to come. :)

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