Tuesday, October 25, 2011

advertising rant part 2034983590

in the same theme as the earlier post I found this online today and think it makes an extremely valid point.

We are not sheep, we are informed, educated customers who work hard to buy what we do.

There is a shift in advertising. It can be funny now. clever. REAL. it can connect with you in your own environment instead of a megaphone blaring out of your TV screen.

the online and virtual space makes brands accountable for what they create. advertisers can be involved in the conversation.


its easy to blame advertisements and big brands but at the end of the day your the one reading them and taking the message seriously.


Can you tell it drives me crazy that people hate advertising?

advertising is our media, our currency.

its how we see ourselves and above all its the ART FORM of our current culture. Its our expressionism, the way we relate to each other.

its not the problem but we can use it to create a solution.


and in a small plug, randomly on-topic, here are the newest minds fresh from the creative advertising degree program this year http://www.humberportfolioshow.com/

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