Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tour toronto: kensington market

Hello lovlies! Kensington market is one of my FAVORITE places in toronto. its an area north of dundas, south of college, east of bathurst and west of spadina. Very central to get to! Kensington has a great bohemian, artistic vibe to it. Plus it has GREAT vintage shopping :)

In the summer Kensington hosts 'pedestrian sundays' on the last sunday of every month. this is when they close down the streets from cars entering and everyone can walk in the streets. There is always TONS of live music and dancing right in the streets and a lot of the vendors have samples available or small treats for sale. its honestly the best!

beautiful day to be out.

so I mentioned kensington is slightly eclectic and artsy. its also very bright and colourful, unlike other neighborhoods in toronto.

plus they have tons of food vendors and fresh market produce. its so inspiring to go there and make a meal from everything that looks good. 

mmm this is when we stopped at roach o rama where you can ...yep...on their great patio out back. they also serve great treats, we had the homemade lemonade.

 (melis bought the great sweater she is wearing in this pic while we were in a vintage store. she went in looking for boots, came out with a sweater, happens to the best of us)

and played hangman and tic tac toe at our bench.

we stopped at bungalow, which is an AMAZING store, but I don't like going in because I want everything. they sell awesome clothes and mid century modern furniture. pretty much my heaven. I bought my winter coat though, and I love it to bits, but it cost me a pretty penny.

a great day to say the least.


Anonymous said...

oh god these pictures are giving me flashback to crazytimes when I couldn't form sentences. i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate toronto but it doesn't hate me!


miss teacups. said...

pretty gals!!
i love these photos.
makes me miss kensington/want to visit reallllllly badly. SOON!

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