Thursday, October 27, 2011


hey!!! So I LOVVVVE Halloween. Mostly because I love a good excuse to play dress up in public. 

my mom was a cutie and scanned in a bunch of our halloween pictures from the past so my brother and I could have a good laugh and they are too cute not to share. 

CLOWNS! (check out the shoes, so cute) I'm with my dad and our family friends have a son the same age as me.

Bees! Thats Tommy and I again. lol.  

why do we look so confused?

again with the same family friends, they just have more kids now and I have a brother? 

dragon and Ian's a panda! Look at those pom pom ears :) 

this was a wicked costume. I had a fake green nose that extended like an inch away from my face. 



hahaha dragon again. 

50's girl. Leanne I adore that dress ahaha.



hahah from left to right, White Trash, Pirate, Mime and Dust Bunny

Tennis player (my hair was so short!)

literally wipping up this bird costume moments before we left.

and thats the recap! 

this year I am being a mechanic on the weekend and then on Monday I am dressing up at work as the bird again. I love both costumes and CAN'T WAIT!!!!


Tiny Stranger said...

Hhahhahaha I love the oldie pics! And dust bunnie! how clever! I literally laughed out loud when I saw that!!

Hope you have a smashtastic halloween!!

miss teacups. said...

those are SO cute...creepy (the clown ones) haha but adorable.

i'm being a gypsy this year for halloween...slightly different than yours, hehe! but not really.

what are you being this year? i love your owl!! so cute, you did such a good job!!

also, ian is adorable. probably the cutest kid, ever.

Anonymous said...

no beak = no bird costume

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