Thursday, December 22, 2011


hello! I really need to redo my whole bedroom. Its not working for me right now. 

My current bed frame is way to big for the space and the futon mattress that I am using is horrible. Not to mention any movement on the bed makes the entire side of the bed frame fall apart and the mattress falls through the slats. WORST mood killer ever. haha. 

also the slats on the bed are warped and because the futon mattress is so thin the entire bed is curved up at the sides and has a big dip in the center. super uncomfortable. 

Here is what I am looking for in a new bed frame. 

1) Storage - this is very important. Right now I have rolling under bed boxes that store a lot of my clothes in them and I won't have enough storage if I get rid of them. The new bed should have two or three drawers that pull out

2) Platform bed  - I think this makes the most sense with the drawers. also it will visually take up way less room if it is low to the floor. given that my current bed is a four poster bed, I think this will make a huge difference in how big and open the room looks. 

3) Natural wood . I want to incorporate more natural elements into the room. I'm not afraid of dark wood but it needs to be rustic and earthy. 

4) simple. simple is always best. 

If anyone has any thoughts, tips or ideas how to make a bed I am open! I would like to construct something myself or hack an existing frame to meet the requirements above. 

- Bed love -

 (this last one is from ikea and if I can't figure out how to make this myself it looks like a good fall back solution)
EDIT: Peter is going to help me and we are going to figure this out. fuck ikea. 

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Anonymous said...

"I'm not afraid of dark wood"
-erin ackerman (2011)

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