Wednesday, December 21, 2011

our shadows taller then our souls

blogs. how many do you read a day? 

I probably read way too many. but I love them and they are my relaxation. 

I promise in 2012 I am going to take control of my blog reading and be more selective. I only read a handful of blogs every day/every time they update but having so many blogs with 20+ unread blog posts in my google reader gives me un-needed stress.  

I have feelings of guilt over not reading posts in my google reader. thats silly right?


it is not the easiest thing for me. especially when I care so much about the persons feeling. 

I have realized that I look for honesty in others and want to always be given the honest truth so I must hold myself to the same standard. this is so much easier said then done but I am working on it. 

I need to look within myself and listen to how I really feel. I need to close my ears to the desires and expectations of others and do what feels the best for me. and then have the courage to stand up for that. 


well for one thing this post has taken me three days to write. I'm the WORST for procrastination. and I hate it! I want to me better at this. I want to put things on my list and cross them right off. No need for things to drag on really. This is a goal for 2012. 

Another goal for 2012 is to go to the dentist. its been too long. 

I am not one to love the snow. and could really be very happy without it but...I also sort of feel like its not even christmas without it? 

I guess people in the southern regions of the world do without it all the time but for me, in Canada, its really just not christmas without it. and its even been so warm out lately that I forget its even winter! 

one of these pictures is Stevie Nicks. can you figure out which one?

I just wish there were more hours in the day! Or that I needed less sleep to be a decent person. 

all pictures from  the blog Earth Age


miss teacups. said...

wowza. i need to read that blog. these photos are great. something else i need...that bracelet/ring web...OMG! amazinggggg.

Anonymous said...

Lady, if you ever want a stone cold dose of raw honesty (hereby known as rawnesty) i will come ovah and check ya brainz

your dad

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