Saturday, December 10, 2011

christmas questions

I found these christmas inspired questions on The Life of a Cupcake, who is also a real life friend from Toronto. Thanks Julie!!! Merry Christmas love! 

if you could kiss any one person under the mistletoe, who who would it be? - hehe my new dapper man! he got a hair cut yesterday and trimmed his beard and i am pretty smitten with the new look. thank goodness for skype! 

what is the earliest you have ever woken up to open presents? I can remember sneaking downstairs to look the pile of presents in the middle of the night. peaking at the large unwrapped items and looking at my bulging stocking. I think the earliest we were ever allowed up would be 7 or 8. Nothing too crazy. Our tradition is opening the stockings first while my parents woke up and then we all went downstairs to open presents together. 

procrastinator or planner? are you a last minute shopper or is everything checked off your list in july? you know, I am usually pretty good. I've never had everything done in July but I make a list of everyone that I need to buy for and just work my way through it. In the last few years I have really tried to buy more things online. it simply saves me time. as you read this I have four deliveries being shipping to my office and can cross about 8 people off my list when they arrive. 

what item is at the top of your christmas list this year? this year I am playing the practical card and I really need to buy a new mattress which my mom is going to help me out with. I also asked for some new things for the apartment. To me, practical and useful gifts are really the best. I have a huge hate for clutter so useless things that take up space are never good. 

what is your favourite christmas candy? i am going to bend the rules here and say my favourite christmas candy is really the christmas baking that everyone does. My mom especially goes all out and my favorites are nanimo bars, ginger snaps, shortbread (mmmm shortbread) and brownies. 

what is your favourite christmas smell? is there a special smell that instantly reminds you of the holidays? i love the smell of a real tree for sure. I have bought a real one for the last few years. also the smell of baking and cinnamon. and sausage rolls actually, haha, we always eat them on christmas morning.  

does your family have a unique christmas eve tradition? well we usually have to go to church but my favourite part of christmas eve is a party we go to held at our parents friends house...and her son is pretty much my brother and I's long lost sibling. We have been going there on christmas eve for 4-5 years now and its always the BEST time. playing ride the sleigh (instead of ride the bus) watching our parents get drunk. the best christmas party hands down is always on christmas eve. This year we are including a few friends as well and its going to be awesome. i'm probably more excited about this party then opening presents haha. 

wrap it up! do you wrap presents as you buy them or all at once? i usually wrap all my presents at once. i like to lay everything out and get all my supplies together..ribbon, stamps, kraft paper, sparkles, tags...and just go to town. I like to have a cohesive look to all the presents so they look pretty while they sit under my tree before I go home for the holidays. 

it is finally time to open presents! do you prefer to open them one-at-a-time or is it a free-for-all?! honestly a bit of both! when someone gives me a special gift or I know it something nice I like to take my time and savour the moment but sometimes on christmas morning I like to channel my inner kid and just rip through a few presents! 

thanks for reading, if you want to answer them on your own blog just link back in the comments because I would LOVE to see your answers!! 

also...I recommend following Loaded Santa on twitter....pretty funny stuff


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