Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Its been a few days.

I wasn't sure if I would take a break for Christmas on this blog but it turns out I needed more then I knew. Not necessarily writing my blog but reading so many blogs and keeping up to date...its all out the window.

and it feels GREAT. taking time for myself.

I've rearranged my google reader to show which blogs I want to read every day and which ones I will reserve for weekends. I follow over 550 blogs so this is huge. And surprisingly there are only about 40 blogs that are near and dear enough to me to read every time they update.

2012 will be the year to streamline. my having a better and organized system in place it will let me take on the same number of projects but be able to to it in less time and still have time for myself.

I do love being busy though. its sort of a double edge sword. being busy makes me a better person. I feel more accomplished and I'd rather have too much going on then nothing. I don't know how people live without jobs or obligations and just float through days. not even possible for me.


Peter and I leave for Montreal tomorrow morning. I couldn't be more excited. I haven't taken a real 'vacation' since I went to France over a year and half ago. It will be amazing.



miss teacups. said...

i hope you and peter have a great time in montreal! i'd love to go back...haven't since i was's on mikey & i's list of places to visit for sure. take lots of photos (you blogger ;) hehe!)

ps: it was really nice to see you on christmas!! we'll need to make january weekend plans sometime soon!! :) for realsies.

Tiny Stranger said...

Have a wonderful NYE in Montreal! Hope the rest of your Christmas' were fantabulous!

Dan and I want to thank you again for the gifts! First thing I found homes for where the Toaster Coasters and the teapot! I LOVES THEM!


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