Tuesday, January 10, 2012

new years resolutions - better late then never?


Its been too long and I apologize. Just after we headed to Montreal I caught the worst bug and spent a fair share of the trip horizontal watching discovery channel marathons. When I returned and still wasn't better I was urged to go into the clinic where I found out I had pneumonia and a high fever for most of our trip. I am on the mend now though!

So sorry about the lack of posts and the quietness over here. I wasn't in the right frame of mind for this blog.

I sort of skipped over my new years resolutions this year but instead of making grand goals
I would like to 2012 to have

Generosity, Laughter, True Friends, Tea, Surprises, Homemade Meals, Sunshine, Calm, Handwritten Letters, Movies, Wine, Creativity, Pilates, Handmade Gifts, Travel, and Red Lipstick.

and Less..
Stress, Over-scheduling, Manic Cleaning, Procrastination, and Money Spending.


miss teacups. said...

pneumonia? my goodness! glad to hear that you are getting better. your lovely, simple list is great. i want all of those things too :)

also, more cousin time please and thank you. let me know a weekend that works for you!

Rachel said...

Your more list sounds lovely, I am definitely taking a mental note of a couple of them! Alas not the red lipstick...my lips are too thin to wear it...I just look ridiculous! :)

Anonymous said...

welcome back! I read "sunshine, calm" too fast as Sunshine Clam. Camp grounds for lesbians?

Also: regarding handwritten letters...the balls in your court, lady. GUILT GUILT GUILT!

okay so this is an email now. my mom wore the dress she bought when we went to the sally anne, and had it tailored, and she told me to tell you to thank you. momz!


Magical Day Dream said...

I want more sunshine & creativity as well! :D



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