Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dijon Sauce


I don't think it is valued enough.

I think we are constantly encountering themes of being a good multi-tasker. always staying connected. never missing a beat. doing 101 things and somehow managing to keep it all together.

I find when I am at work I am easily distracted. I look at blogs as rewards for 10 minutes of focus on a project. I will be honest and tell you that I do many things on the internet every day and not all of them are work. I can be honest because in that 10/15 minutes of pure involvement/productivity I can accomplish what I set out to do.
And I've been doing my job for exactly two years now (yay?) so I'm past the learning phase.

Although it does keep me on my toes. Never a dull day, that is for sure.

I've really become a davids tea slut.

Like its bad guys.

I got SO much for christmas and its so miserable outside, all I can think about is drinking tea.

Tops right now are
-Forever nuts (forever and always, we are getting married, its over guys, you haven't lived until you've had this tea)
-Pumpkin Chai (close second)
-Chocolate Chili Chai
-Secret Weapon
-Jessie's Tea (worst name ever IMHO)

Now I have a steeper at home and at work.

just wait until I take pictures of my new tea pot. AND brand new beautiful kettle.


at least its just tea.

We are all in this together.  This life.  All on different paths.  All in different timing.  Embrace each other right where you and those around you are. And if you find yourself on a path you are not wanting to be on, search within yourself to find out how to steer your boat in the direction you want it to go.  You are the captain of your life.  And know that things take time.  Healing does not happen overnight.  But it does require you to take the first step.

Laura from Violet Bella's words really resonated with me tonight. Her message is so true and something I hope to share with the people in my life.

we get swallowed up by our lives.

we live IN them, on purpose mind you

but do we look AT them?

You need to. you need to see what isn't working. what irritates you. what makes you laugh until you can't breath.

sometimes I feel like I am working so hard to live through the minutia of life that I forget to stand back and see it for what it is.
where its going.
whos in it.
what feels strong and what feels week.

the type A in me wants to map everything out on a giant chalkboard and it would look like those diagrams where if you answer yes you go on one path and if you answer no you go on another.

I never want to give up on any of those yes's.

I need to step back and prioritize.

I need to realize that the most important thing is to ENJOY doing things. laugh about it. be friendly to anyone. everyone. your laundry is never going to stop appearing in the hamper, your carpet will always get dirty, you will always need to run errands and plans will always go differently then you expected. its LIFE!

One of the things that P has opened my eyes to is that you can enjoy every part of any day. you can find humour in anything. its only a dreary task if you approach it that way.


This post sort of got away from me but I feel much better now that is all out. Do you find blogging therapeutic?  I've sort of always used it as a self centered release of thoughts and feelings.

Im going to read my book and go to bed at 9pm.

good night.


Holly Knitlightly said...

This was a really nice blog post. & totally true about how no matter what, clothes will pile up, things will get dirty & messy... so true.

Also, you have turned me into a DavidsTea addict, ha! That Read My Lips tea, OHHHHH MAN. I don't know if you've tried it yet BUT YOU HAVE TO. So delicious.

Anonymous said...

I read the beginning of your post and read "Dijon Sauce: I don't think it is valued enough." amen to that mustard!

oh man. perfectionism. A-type personality. You know how I am, or at least, how I used to be in school. And I'm worried that in overcoming my over-achieving personality I've just become some guy who watches two hours of MTV and TLC every night? But I spend the day reading and writing and working and eating. and of course, doing many things at once, you end up doing all of them partially well.

DAVID'S TEA. I'm in the same slut boat. Got a ton for x mas and now an addict. Peppermint Amour (armour?) for me. Always and forever. And Mother's LIttle helper. I was running low on the peppermint, and I had to mix it with some shitty Bulk Barn tea, and my mom said "you're cutting it with the cheap stuff! you'd get shot if you were a drug dealer." Moms!

But all those fruity, desert teas I find disgusting. But i hate sweet things. I'm a purist, and like the sharp, clear herbal teas that taste like trees.


miss teacups. said...

i'm a davids tea slut too. you're not alone.

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