Tuesday, January 17, 2012

rush rush rush for the go

sometimes starting these posts is the hardest part. where to start?


self perception.

I feel like everyones perception of themselves is so different then the reality. No I will restate that. I feel like my perception of myself is different then others perception of me.

In my head I hardly give my efforts value.

I started to go on about all the bad perceptions I have of myself but I don't really want this post to be about that.

I just feel like they are different from the reality of what people actually think and I wonder if this is the same for all people or just me?

don't you just hate when you don't pay your credit cards on time? I find it ridiculously hard to remember when my payments are due and pay them. I feel like every month its a different random day that they choose and I never seem to log in at the right time.

why can't banks send me an email.

dear erin, pay your mastercard by next friday.

dear erin, wake up you need to pay your mastercard by tomorrow.

I would remember!

how can swiss chalet remember to email me when they have the festive special and I get so many other junk emails every day. but mastercard can't communicate with me in a way other then snail mail?

how about a REAL email, that would save me REAL money on interest.

control issues.

I have them.

seriously. big time.

its funny because now that I am starting a new relationship and working through different things with P it seems like anytime we question each other its because I want to have full control of the situation and its not necessary. its actually pretty silly.

I always want to do it my way so I can have control. I need to learn to give that up. or at least loosen my grip on it. I am not perfect so why would I assume every 'way' that I want something done would be perfect.

I have to work on this. it would benefit me in all aspects of my life and the stress I put myself through if I could learn to give up some control.

I'm in the market for a new face cream. any suggestions?

I've heard good things about Avon but I feel like they cater to older people. I care less about wrinkles and more about a non greasy cream that I can put on morning and night.

also in the market for an external harddrive. are there even good and bad ones?

I want 2012 to be the year my wardrobe starts to come together. I feel like I have good sense of my style but I never want to spend money on clothing. 

I want to buy investment pieces like an amazing leather jacket, a beautiful leather clutch, rings that don't make my fingers turn green, and shoes that don't give me blisters. 

I need to remind myself that if its something I can wear for the next five+ years its worth spending money on. 

but I will never give up thrifting. never ever. investment pieces for under $10? thats what really makes me happy.

anyone else watching teen mom (2)? I know I'm late to the party but its pretty awesome/trashy. 

important things I need to do:
-get my passport photos and send in my renewal application
-sell my kobo...any one interested? its a cool little gadget but I hardly use it.
-remember to take my antibiotics
-wake up earlier

my friend dave called me last night because his mom had a question about excel and I totally nailed it right away.

what is ...right click format cell, change to a numeric value.



miss teacups. said...

hi pretty girl,

i love your dress. super pretty. i also love these posts that you do that tend to cover all the bases in a randomly organzied nonsensical way...that made no sense, i'm aware of that.

love you.

we need to finalize dates soon. i want to VISIT!!

Anonymous said...

"is the same for all people or just me?"
"its actually pretty silly"
"remember to take my antibiotics"

uh oh, your blog is turning into the "Shit Girls Say" twitter.

re: face cream.....how many times do I have to preach the endless wonders of olive oil before you actually try it. Olive oil will work for any type of dry skin, anywhere on your body.

Also, Lacie is the best brand for Hard drives. can't believe I know that.

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