Friday, January 13, 2012

Here are some things from around the internet that caught my fancy. Its FRIDAYYYYYYYYYYY

The Passengers Eye. from Peter J Miller on Vimeo.

A beautiful story on Marriage and how building a life together is hard work but worth it to know you did it with the person you love.

the new Wiksten hats are adorable

debating buying this chair from craigslist for $120. (originally listed for $200 but I never pay full price, even on craigslist) Should I do it this weekend?!!

Video Games by Lana Del Ray. New favorite song! 

print from Beckyxo

Grey and Yellow bedroom inspiration From

Best tweet of the week:
 That cop says I should go to jail for smoking PCP in my car, but I say that cop should go to jail for being a saber-toothed tiger. 

Lasagna cupcakes for easy lunches! 

This weekend I am hosting a grilled cheese party and can't wait to have friends over to eat the most delicious creations! toppings will include four different kinds of cheeses, tomatoes, bacon, avocado, lettuce/sprouts, roasted red peppers, salami, hot peppers, with aoli and spicy ketchup for dipping! I'm thinking of other 'lunch' themed sides and snacks like chips and french onion dip, veggies and ranch dip, chips and salsa and probably a pasta salad. 

Other then that Peter is visiting and we are going to relax, listen to records, sleep in and probably watch a few movies. We are both still getting healthy and having a nice weekend to chill is exactly what we need.

There is also a good chance I am having someone come test-drive my car this weekend who seemed very interested in it! Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Hey I love the theme of that party! Sounds like my kinda food. Post up any yummy creations you make. Pretty please with cheese on top.

(We used to say "pretty please with cream on top")

miss teacups. said...

grilled cheese party?? amaaaazing. enjoy your weekend miss and yes, go for the chair! it's great!

Anonymous said...

"both still getting healthy"...
"I am hosting a grilled cheese party"...
"Fingers crossed!"

can my comments just be selected quotes from your posts?



Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

So I don't recall how I found your blog while I was at work...looking at blogs...when I should've been working. Shhh! But I do remember forwarding the link to your blog to my home address so I could follow it and look at more posts! PS - I'm dying to know if you got the chair from craigslist! It is divine!

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