Monday, January 23, 2012

Fractured moonlight on the sea

I adore this neutral, flowing blouse with the cut out details around the shoulders and cuffs. extremely out of my 'this is an acceptable price to pay for a shirt' range. but beautiful.

I will keep my eye out at the thrift store for something similar.

Speaking of thrift stores. Peter and I went this weekend and scored huge. We actually had two garbage bags of clothing to come home with. incredible! some of the items were 75% off. I got some great cardigans and shirts and he got some new pants and button up shirts. I love when the thrifting gods are on my side.

I think one of the major reasons I love thrifting is the thrill of the hunt. when I go to the mall I honestly get bored because its too easy. I'm not a complicated person, I like most of the stuff that are in stores. I can go to H&M and pick out 10 outfits that I like.

I feel with thrifting that I get to be more creative with my clothing. I can repurpose items. hem them. cut off the sleeves. wear it with a belt. its more rewarding to put together a thrifted outfit then something I bought off the rack and paid out the nose for.

And another point is once you get used to paying 5$ for a sweater its hard to justify spending $60. My money goes further and my satisfaction level is higher when I find an amazing item. win win.

happy dreary monday (its raining and grey outside in toronto)

Listen to my playlist if you need a little pick me up!



Cassie M said...

I would love to go to a thrift shop as I've never been. I do feel like clothes are way over priced in the malls. Would you be able to recommend any that you visit?

Anonymous said...

"flowing blouse with the cut out details"
"I honestly get bored"
"wear it with a belt"
"win win."

girl, you a poet and i had to show it! also, while I'm cutting and pasting quotes....

"Cassie M said...

I would love to go to a thrift shop as I've never been"

excuuuuuuuuse me?


red food colouring said...

Hi Cassie!

There are some great places to thrift in toronto. I think I will do a post on it!!

thanks for the inspiration!


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