Wednesday, January 25, 2012

weekend food

Hey o!

So on the weekends we eat pretty well around here (monday through friday its hit and miss) 

I'm always taking pictures of food and then doing nothing with them so I thought I would just post what we ate last weekend. 

Friday night was bruschetta with feta, side green salad with peppers...

and baked stuffed peppers (on rice)! 

Ians lovely gf brought over these cupcakes for dessert and although we didn't eat them friday night ..we *cough* got distracted...we did enjoy them saturday afternoon. YUM

they were almost too pretty to eat! 

saturday for dinner Ian's gf made us pork dumplings for the Chinese new year! Maybe this post should just be called 'the food that Vanessa brought into my life'. anyway. they were delish and we ate about 60 of them haha. 

Saturday night we rented pineapple express and relaxed. this was our epic snack platter. 
ripple chips with french onion dip and tostitos ranch dip
dill pickle doritos (SO ADDICTED)
lime corn nuts
sour keys and other 5cent candies

sunday morning I made banana bread, which you already know all about. have you made it yet? you shoulddddd

Sunday's late night snack/dinner was nachos. P and I polished off this dish in no time. He used the left over stuffed pepper sauce with cheese, sliced up peppers..baked it then added the lettuce. dipped into sour cream. AMEN

this wrap is actually from last weekend but it was amazing. Have you ever tried chili thai sauce..PC brand? Its awesome on chicken fingers. 

this wrap was lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, peppers, cheese, and baked chicken fingers with sauce. 


miss teacups. said...

i'm coming over for breakfast, lunch and dinner...all the time. okay?

Holly Knitlightly said...

Ohhh man, everything looks delicious! You're making me hungry!

Anonymous said...

once you turn a stuffed pepper on its side it looks like a butt hole spewing runny feces. Yum?

Also. those nachos. I want them inside me.

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