Thursday, January 26, 2012


green beans.


love em.

with dijon mustard/splash of white vinegar sauce.


I must admit Ian has championed this recipe.

and bacon wrapped chicken.

no complaints here.


peace plants? (nope. they are called peace lily's. google gets one point)

I bought one on a recent trip to Ikea

see -

except it never looks like this!

it looks droopy and soggy. haha.

but seriously thats the best description for it. what did I do wrong?

I am reading more about them and I think mine might be getting too much sun. The internet says they don't like direct sunlight and prefer the misty atmospheres of bathrooms.

I guess the bathroom just got a new plant!

which is excellent news for this peace lily because I actually remember to water the plant in the washroom.


wowwwww I should be packing right now.

instead I am dreaming about making this granola and eating ALL of it in one sitting.

also buff buff chicky tacs...if only for the name. and that VIDEO.


Okay I reallllllly need to pack and then go to bed.

ova out.

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