Tuesday, January 31, 2012

grilled cheese party

So! I know I talked about the grilled cheese party on here before I had the party and a few people commented that they would be into a party revolving around grilled cheesy goodness. so here is the follow up with pictures! 

First of all, it was such a success! 

we started the party out with some extreme jenga and drinks. and party hats? lol...not really sure why we are wearing them but they hang out on my shelves in the living room.

appetizers/snacks were french onion dip and ripple chips, salsa and tortilla chips, and spicy spinach dip with toasted pita. easy peasy! 

side note: have a small apartment/living room?..get floor cushions! people always end up sitting on the floor so this makes it comfortable and they aren't a piece of furniture that you have to store for the other 350 days of the year that you aren't entertaining.

now onto the main course! 

because my kitchen is fairly small I wanted just peter and I to be in the kitchen making the food. we had people write down what cheese and toppings they wanted and then we made them to order. it worked out really well and we had an assembly line going so it was pretty quick. 

I only ended up getting one kind of bakery bread that was really perfect. I debated getting different kinds but  I'm glad I kept this part simple and put more effort into the toppings. 

Cheese Options:
Cheddar Cheese
Jalapeno Havarti
(there was a max two cheese limit per sandwich because I was worried I would run out of the brie and Havarti) 

Topping Options: 
Roasted Red Peppers
Sauteed Onions and Mushrooms
Hot banana Peppers

I think that was all! 

Also with the sandwiches there was a big bowl of veggie pasta salad and a pickle tray with two different kinds of pickles and two different kinds of hot peppers. oh and regular ketchup and SPICY ketchup for dipping. deeeeeeeelish

Disclaimer: If you are hungry right now you are going to try and eat your computer screen in less then 1 minute. 

Ian and Vanessa went to ikea earlier in the day and bought this wicked grilling pan that was perfect! We started every sandwich on the pan and then moved it over to the george forman to get a good grill on both sides. (flipping the sandwiches was tricky in the pan, with so many toppings) 

 omg I am drooling just looking at these pictures again haha

we prepared a lot of the food ahead of time so it was easy to entertain and get food into everyone. I always like to pre make as much as possible because
a) I'm not stressed about the food
b) I can drink and not worry about slicing my hand open halfway through the party
c) I can drink whiskey

We pre-made all the appetizers including cutting up the pita bread and laying it out on the pan ready to be heated.

The cheese was grated, the onions and mushrooms sauteed and the bacon was all cooked before the party. Also the pasta salad I made the afternoon before to let the flavours mix.

Peter was a huge help for the party. mostly because he doesn't let me get stressed out and also because he could grill those sandwiches like nobody's business.

I made s'more rice crispy squares on peters request which never made it out to the party and I have sneaking suspicion that may have been on purpose???.....haha kidding! I was just too drunk to remember.

we make a good team in the kitchen :) 

Certainly let me know if you throw your own grilled cheese party, I would love to hear about it!


Anonymous said...

Lady what your name?
i left a rambly message on your phone, but you were too busy dusting your hanging bathroom plants or whatever.
i'm coming to toronto March 1st for the OCAD zine fair/recruiting for the man harem. Can I sleep on your couch the night before?

-your mom!

miss teacups. said...

aw, i love the message from your mum above.

these grilled cheese sammies look amaaaazing, omg. i want to come to the next grilled cheese party, promise you'll invite me kay?

is that ian's gf on the couch beside him? she's super cuuute!

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