Wednesday, February 8, 2012

new eames chair

hi guysssss. there is a new addition to my living room.

meet my new eames chair! I'm so in love with it.

Now I know it has some issues...the base is all wrong and it has a habit of leaning back just a BIT too far but I still love it.

its the most beautiful shade of dark brown and the rosewood sides are in great condition. the leather is real and perfectly worked in.

This was a craigslist find and required a bit of back and forth, dealing with a slightly deranged seller and driving across the city in the rain in rush hour traffic.

end result?

worth it.

relaxing in the new chair ...drinking saturday morning coffee and making a list of records we want :) 

I've found a website online that sells the original base for the chair and I will purchase that soon. 

ps we went record shopping at rotate this, a great shop on queen west if your looking for new records as well as classics. I bought a record from a band I had never heard of Yeasayer (listen to this!) on recommendation from P and loooooove it, as well as regina spektor live in concert. (Also a great album and has all her best songs on it) P bought the Gotye album.

1 comment:

miss teacups. said...

your apartment is everything that i want mine to be. white walls with neutral colours and vintage pieces but still looking modern. i feel like i've got too many vintage pieces (it IS possible) making everything look old. come teach me :)

also i miss you a whole bunch!

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