Sunday, February 12, 2012

oh fork sure

its been a while since I did one of these posts. 

do they deserve a name?

I know what I could call these sorts of posts but I like to keep my online persona on the blackmail free side. 

read between the lines here people. 

what is UP with the internet these days? (jerry seinfeld voice) 

ice films is down....megaupload free netflicks account isnt hacked into the american version anymore...grooveshark doesn't have any beatles songs...facebook is threatening timeline on everyone.....

GUYS. the internet and I are pretty tight. when it starts fucking up, I start fucking up. 

internet get your shit together. 

we need to pull through this together. 

I refuse to pay for cable. also cable BLOWS!! whyy?!!?! 

- you get one chance to watch a show
- you have to sit through at least 15 minutes of commercials per episode 
- you always end up watching at least one TLC marathon per month 
- and you have to PAY for that 



my twitter went CRAZY when whitney houston died. all of the sudden everyone cared about her?

that came out wrong. 

but what I mean is like everyone on my twitter feed was tweeting and retweeting that she has died. 

I think its safe to say most people follow at least one news source. if you think your breaking news storys from your couch, your wrong. 

Sorry, I don't even know why this bugs me it was just that like 12 people on my twitter posted 'Whitney Houston is dead' in row and I want to push people to be a little more creative then that. 

twitter isn't facebook. 

sooooo valentines day eh? 

not so much a fan. 

not so much at all. 



blowing my mind in goodness. 

My new mattress was delivered this weekend. 

I am no longer sleeping on a futon mattress on the floor. 

yay for me. 

ha   the guy delivering it was like want me to just lay it on top of this one? like just right on top? 

yeah bud. 

getting better with my camera. 

I got a tri-pod for christmas. 

get ready for THAT. 

natural daylight helps SOOOOOOO much. it makes pictures infinity times better. 

cameras are funny. 

I get so self conscious carrying mine around. 

And it usually takes me two or three tries to get the right shutter speed so then I look like a crazy obsessive photographer taking 7 shots of something. 

For reasons above, most of the stuff on here is pictures in/of my apartment. 

this weekend was super great. 

super duper great. 

don't let me go this long again without ALONE time. 

its my own fault though. I want to be involved and theres always so much going on that I just get lost in it. 

this time alone is important though. 

it refocuses me. it relaxes me. 

one last thing. 

tomorrow I am officially an adult. 

I'm making my first RRSP contribution. 

(see mom, I do listen) 

ps I found this pdf very helpful for the basics and this website was able to answer a lot of my questions regarding using the money in an RRSP to buy your first home. (my plan) 


Holly Knitlightly said...

Waaaaaaaaaait a minute... you somehow had the American version of Netflix? I'm so jealous! Even if it isn't working anymore. Gah. You had so much more to choose from!! haha.

Super bummer about megavideos. Blah. And quicksilverscreen (which I used a lot) is gone now, too. BOO. is good... I forget what else I use. Tvshack, I think. That's good.

I know, people alllllllll become fans when someone famous dies... weird. I hope when I die there are people all over tweeting about it, bahah! Okay, maybe not. I hope twitter is no more when I die.

Anonymous said...

TLC marathons. Do we remember your Jon And Kate Plus 8 Vortex of '09. I do. Never forget.

Til Debt Do Us Part Friday night marathons. Or Storage Wars, but that's on A&E.

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