Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Outfit Post...Chevrons and Lace

Hey o 

I am actually pretty proud that I have this outfit post for you today. The reason is because I am WEARING this outfit today. I have such a habit of taking pictures and then not using them for months (or never). Not today folks. 

This dress is from H&M although I got it from Double Take for a few dollars. Its about two sizes too large but I wear it with a belt and no one would know. 

This belt is my FAVORITE I just got it this weekend while thrifting for $2 and its 
with a bronze buckle
and a-symmetrical chevrons
what could be better?!?

this sweater was also from goodwill and was about $5. its an x large but I like how loose it is. 

the white lacy tights are from Anthropologie and are the most expensive thing I am wearing at $20

oh wait. my necklace is from noble town vintage and I just love love love everything in that shop. (HINT: BIRTHDAY)

oh and thank you carly for the lovely bracelets, I wear them everyday with my watch (from double take, had to get a new battery but it works perfect) 

in other news, I really tried to use my tripod for this but its tricky. my camera focuses when the button is pressed down so most of my pictures tend to be out of focus. I will have to look into a remote. 

the only decent picture from the tripod experience:

tonight p comes for the rest of the week/weekend. 

we decided we didn't want to celebrate valentines day but rather make up our own holiday. We are each thinking of three traditions that will be incorporated into the week-long festivities.
My only rules- no chocolate, no stuffed animals, and if you send flowers to my work we are done. haha 

my brother made his gf baked mac and cheese last night for v day and I am going to bug him for the recipe because it was DELISH. it had like three kinds of cheese mixed in and goat cheese on the top with the bread crumb topping and BACON. ammmmazing. 

Happy Wednesday loves. if it makes this week more bearable we have a LONG weekend coming up :)


Tiny Stranger said...

That BELT! GAH! and for $2.00!! INSANE!!!!!!

Hope you have an awesome long weekend (woot woot) and we should plan another get together soon!!!!


miss teacups. said...

that belt is awesome and looks great with the belt!

i agree with should plan another get together soon...oh and invite me :)

i'm glad you like your bracelets! when is your birthday again, march right?? ;)

yum yum yum i am definitely going to miss pastas/mac n cheese...homemade ones are the best. i guess i could try to make it with gluten free pasta? that recipe sounds awesome! goats cheese? favourite.

enjoy your week/long weekend! i think family day is a canadian thing so some blog readers are probably wondering what the heck you're talking about! lol

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