Tuesday, February 21, 2012

new at the apartment...green bunny

check out this little cutie!

this adorable little guy is actually a piggy bank, but what made me love him is his astroturf-like body and that amazing green colour. how adorable is he?!

he is sitting on the shelves in the living room, watching over the record player. So cute. 

a bunny seems like it would be a good pet. super cute and not that much maintenance. I'm really not into the idea of getting a pet right now but they seem like they would be a good 'family' pet. 

for now I will stick with my astro turf bunny and let him help me save up my pennies. 


miss teacups. said...

maybe you could use him to save your monies FOR a pet bunny...also, there is a girl who has a super cute bunny...he's actually the cutest bunny i've ever seen.


so what i'm saying is, if you get one, can it please be this one?

Anonymous said...

Could you please tell me where you got this bunny??

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