Thursday, February 16, 2012


love this picture. everything about it reminds me of france and makes me want to go back. I came across it on a blog and suddenly I was transported back to sitting on a blanket in front of the Louvre eating cheese and hummus with bread.

french parenting ideals that are very in line with the way I want to raise my children. (a good read, even if you don't have children)

(Picture I took in Monet's garden, absolutely stunning place)

Right now I would give almost anything to go back to paris and see my friend cas. I absolutely miss her like crazy and we always have the best times. Shes such an inspiration to me, moving to a new country, establishing herself there, making new friends, going to school, working, learning a new language.

Cas I love you like crazy and I miss you and we need to skype it out soon!

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