Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This weekend in pictures

So these are in such a random order but I have zero desire to straighten them out. it was a great weekend! Obviously melissa came to the city and we had fun fun fun times as usual. 

Thrifting at value village. IF I was to ever buy a fanny pack this is certainly the one I would want. 

Party at this lovely ladies house on saturday night. It was an ugly sweater party and was SOOOO much fun. we stayed up dancing until 4am ahaha. Her house is filled with antiques and collectibles. I would be so nervous to have a party there! 

Shopping at Russet and Empire on Sunday 

uhhhh....we didn't plan this but we pretty much wore the same shirt Sunday hahaha

Window displays on Dundas W

ahaha I asked Laura for some ice at the party. She really delivered! 

so jealous, in Laura's basement she has a full 50's diner style bar. AMAZING

always need to have some ttc pictures. We were on our way downtown, Mels parents took us out for dinner at Kit Kat. Such a cute place and the food was AMAZING. Her parents are so cute. 

love this store. 

some flip cup/ beer pong debris. Melis and I are very glad we have learned the skill of flip cup. its certainly come in handy lately. 

"Hey... you guys flippin some cups in here?"

bathroom pictures. obviously. 

saturday morning pilates. not all drinking and fun around here! 

loved this open sign. it was made by the shop's daughter. 

more dundas W window displays. this is a cute little art supply shop

antique store on Keele at Dundas West

oh! and Laura's house has a legit move theater in it. I can't believe this place exists!! 

blueberries blueberries blueberries

Great weekend. I even had time to clean sunday while mel did her homework and then Ian and I watched Elf on sunday night. I went into this week feeling well rested and productive. 

1 comment:

miss teacups. said...

so wait a didn't buy that fanny pack? are you nuts!! haha

looks like a lovely weekend. i'm always so jealous of your weekends with melissa, they look like so much fun!! you need to show me all of those cute stores. i'm coming down in the new year FOR SURE!!

oh ya, and what the hell!! as if that girl has a total 50s diner in her basement. how the heck...


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