Saturday, December 3, 2011

This weekend in pictures

moved the kitchen table into the kitchen

made peanut butter cookies three different ways

and apple crumble (last weekend)

went shopping for a christmas tree

threw out leftover roses 

made my best pulled pork yet! served on fresh buns with a salad of cucumber, peppers and feta

was gifted the new florence and the machine album on vinyl. AMAZING

made sundaes with the left over apple crisp and crushed up cookies


two new necklaces that I am absolutely over the moon for

peanut butter cookies three ways (from the top) plan, rolled in brown sugar, nutella drizzled on top

new christmas tree

ukulele and davids tea

amazing new blanket for my bed.

welcome home sign for the boys who returned from an amazing road trip. 

sorry things were so quite on the blog last week. I was hosting two dreamers who made my apartment the last stop from their road trip. i was so glad to be able to spend time together and every minute was awesome. 

1 comment:

miss teacups. said...

i loooove the blanket for your bed. i have been searching for one for mikey for quite some time now as he's wanted one just like that for awhile! or even a rug...they're hard to come by!

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