Wednesday, October 15, 2008

and ginger and whisky lived happily ever after

yesterday i took the day off school. not because i was sick, or because i had any good excuse. i wish i could say it was because my allergies were bugging me or because i needed the sleep or even because i was doing something better with my time. 
but no. 
i didn't get out of bed until 2pm and from there migrated to couch position. at about 4 i decided i needed caffeine if i was going to make anything count this day. smoked a bowl, threw some laundry in, put relatively clean clothes on my body and wandered down to bloor street. 
once the caffeine hit the system it was pretty much a brand new day. A DAY OF DELICIOUS PIZZA. warning: the following pictures are mouth fucking watering.

my friend jon was the first torontonian(sp?) to call me yesterday so he got a dinner invite over for the most amazing thing that i've ever made in my toaster oven. the toppings are just too good to go unnamed so here they are in no particular order. tomatoes, garlic, roasted red peppers, feta, spinach, brocolli, spicy sausage, onions, mozza, and cheddar cheese stuffed crust (such a good idea, why haven't i thought of that before? way better then pizza huts stuffed 'looks like cheese, tastes like cheese but i can tell this isn't really cheese' crust). jon nixed the black olives but it was tasty all the same. 
i think its really cute when guys are so easily impressed with food. food is only about planning, once you can plan it out actually making it is a breeze. guys don't really make things with recipes. at least not the ones i know. i don't think men in general realize what a turn on it is for a girl when a guy can cook. maybe its just me, but i feel pretty confident in saying that most girls would swoon over any man that can whip up an amazing meal for you -without asking a million questions or dirtying every single dish in the kitchen.

jamie oliver is knows what i'm talking about. 

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