Friday, October 31, 2008

you'll grow to love me even more and well i'm not surprised

some days i assess and determine i'm doing well. others not so much. some days are up and productive and sometimes little things like the garbage being full or the water jug being empty are all it takes to throw me into a 'i can't do this, i'm not doing this, where is my life going' tizzy.

but enough about that. because today is a good day. want to know why?

because not only did i have enough money to pay my rent, i also remember to do so on time. because most of the dishes are done. because i am drinking a free latte. because i am getting paid to blog right now. because i get to wear a costume tonight. and FINALLY because i am going to my very first kegger tonight. (yes i am 21 years old and have never been to a kegger before, but thats alllll going to change)

oh and see those cute little ads in the side bar and at the bottom of the page? well ...should any of those things catch your interest, feel free as the wind to click on them and give me a way to pay my hyrdo bill this winter. spanks.

and since doing nothing at work translates to reading blogs, here is the cutest one i found with an idea that i really wish i had thought of. ..

from The Sweety Pie Press...she used the inside of old or recycled security envelopes to make these very adorable buttons. and all the envelopes had to be used, no wasting new envelopes, a true example of reuse -an R often overlooked in favour of reduce and recycle.

in conclusion, my desk is very close the Information Technology department and i'm not sure of the whole story but i think someone is dealing with some kind of website code. anyway every two seconds someone is screaming B.L.T. out and if this keeps up i am going to need emergency resuscitation from shoving crazy amounts of bacon down my throat.
i know, i'm soooo sexy.

1 comment:

carly. said...

what? you get paid to blog? that's insane! and how do you get paid when people click on the ad links? tell me your secrets & teach me the ways of blogger!!!!

please :)

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