Sunday, November 2, 2008

on going without stopping

when i lived in residence there was a video game that we would sometimes play. starting out small you roll around and pick up things, like a giant ball of super glue. when you are small you can only pick up small things but the more things you pick up the bigger you become and the larger things you can pick up. 

life is a lot like this game. the more you move the more you can do. the bigger things you can achieve, going from one level to the next. its a gradual switch, there are no days you wake up and have arrived at the fifth level. 

but i think its important to sit back and realize where you have rolled too. what you have picked up and what you couldn't. and much like this game, there is often no sense going back to the places you once were to pick up the things you missed. once you've started i'm not really one for going back. 

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