Tuesday, November 25, 2008

loving today

its over its over its over its over its over its over its over its over its over its over its over its over

Yesssssssssss, its really done.

and it went very well. i think i made an impression. i talked out my nerves and tried to initiate conversations instead of just explaining my ideas. this is not just a pretty face was my point. i have an opinion and i want to make change. its a fine balance between telling an industry professional how you want to improve advertising without crapping on the work they do everyday. 

it feels reallllllllly great to work towards a goal, put everything on the backburner for something important and to be able to accomplish what you want. i don't have an internship this morning, but i have some great feedback to change my portfolio around and work towards it as a tangible goal. i don't want to jinx anything but a former teacher/runs his own agency was there all day and night looking at books and told me he wanted to take four of us, me included. HAPPY NESS

also included in the happiness category is an avocado on my kitchen counter that i have been saving for perfect ripeness which to my delight will be this morning. happiness is not going to school today and taking a R E S T day. it is also not being hung over today even though it was open bar..all...day. one word: temptation. i have been so good not drinking my face off recently and to be talking to people who were sipping back red wine and cold beers and having to resist, resist and resist the free, free and free drinks was hard, hard and hard. i still managed to knock back three glasses of red before they closed the bar and kicked our drunk asses out where we proceeded to go to jack asstors and make constant cheers to being awesome. nothing like drunk college kids high on industry feedback to clear out a monday night bar crowd. 

an illustration that is making me smile by patrick moberg 

1 comment:

fille said...

that is such a great illustration of me. Really, he got my facial expression perfectly.

also. im proud of you! you are finished! cant wait to see your baby (portfolio) in person!

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