Sunday, November 16, 2008

you dig yourself a dream

do you have things in life that you know you shouldn't care so passionately about, but it it just beyond your control to stop it? 
and i don't mean the top of your desk, i mean the main background on your computer. so here is a nice sunday project for you. 
first step: Organize!!!
make folders and put files in the right folders. i heard a rumor once that having too many things on your desktop makes your computer run slower. i have no facts to back that up but why take the risk?

ahhhhhh...much better. now it the fun part!

find a new picture!!!!

too lazy even for that? okay I will do the work for you.. here are some of my favs... from picaboo backgrounds

and ta! da! your life is forever changed and more productive. your welcome. 

ps. notice the time...less the 10 minutes. YOU CAN DO THIS. and i won't have to hyperventilate anxiety attack every time i look at your computer. and YOU will be more productive and organized. and it will probably make your karma better, just throwing it out there. 

oh and p.s. counting crows have a new album out. i haven't even memorized the songs yet and i already love it. 

1 comment:

Zoeyjane said...

That first desktop made me want to scratch my eyes out and maybe throw my laptop across the coffeeshop. GAH.

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