Wednesday, November 12, 2008

win the war

i made pumpkin tortilla soup with avocado last night. it was delicious. 

i can't wait for the portfolio show to be over. the list is getting smaller, although the stress seems to be climbing. not a direct correlation, i guess. 

my favorite class is this afternoon. its a philosophy course called selfish thoughts. we just wrote a test that i aced while most of the class didn't. the best part is i didn't write about what the question asked, or use the text it was referring to. i argued something else completely and it paid off. its nice to see there are teachers who reward lateral thinking instead of memorization.

had an interesting discussion on the subway yesterday. i mentioned how i like to watch 'guy tv' because the ads are always clever, funny and edgy. girl tv is so lame. i could practically give you a step by step outline of how to make a deodorant, shampoo, or dishwashing soap commercial. girl tv is the epitome of advertising clutter, its all the same and its all pretty shitty. 
maybe most people in advertising are male, so they can relate with their target more and push the boundaries? i used to think this but realistically...i think most women WANT lame tv. they want commercials that reinforce how they have been taught to think, they want safe. 
but for those of us with half a brain and no offspring i'd really like to see the quality of ads we watch complacently to make me think, laugh, remember. and i'd really like to be a part of that. 

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