Friday, November 7, 2008

life lesson number eight-teen

if you give boys pot they will do nice things for you. 

you also need to have a nice smile to pull this off and should probably provide some kind of munchies. 

i am re executing a campaign for indietv, which is kind of like vibe is to much music. but all indie music, promoting unsigned canadian bands doing their thing. when i started this project i was under the impression this was a real station that was going to air sometime in the future, but google seems to think otherwise. anyway, we got some great shots and it was really nice to be able to work with and trust someone to do something they know far more about then you. in terms of the actual pictures they are supposed to be depicting the unglamorous life of an indie rocker and there are clever headlines and logos to follow. also, i haven't started photoshopping any of them seeing as it was shot tonight. i'm trying here people. 

the shots that were shot when shooting:
this is my attempt of art direction. then i got yelled at for being in the shot. i shut up after that and let him do his work. 

and my behind the scenes shots...

in other news, this weekend is going to be packed but i'm not going to stop moving. its my new strategy and its been working out well. if i can't be physically moving then i am brainstorming or working out headlines, or there are about a million things i need to do on the computer right now. no excuses for lazyness. 
but i am giving myself friday night off. to attempt to relax and chill the fuck out. 

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