Saturday, November 15, 2008

annabel & olive, crafts and cookies

it seems like every other sentence that comes out of my mouth these days is,

"Lets (insert fun, relaxing, time consuming activity here), but after my portfolio show, okay?!" 

and since my memory is non-existent (definitely not because of pot, i think i read somewhere that pot has no effect on memory..long term? or maybe it was short term? i can't remember pass me that bong eh?) i present to you a list of all the fun things i am putting off in order to get this shit no particular order.

redesigning my blog header
decluttering my apartment
taking a bunch of out of season clothing home
watering my plants
writing letters to best friends in far away places
drinking whisky and red wine daily (its not a problem if you can stop!!)
cleaning my blinds
doing this in my front hall:
phoning my nana
actively emailing people about an internship
looking for a waitress job for christmas
painting my nails
framing some things around the apartment
christmas shopping
having friends over for dinner parties
looking for a kitchen table and chairs on craigslist
making veg chili in my crock pot
various projects for other classes that i haven't even given one thought
backing up my hard drive on the external
are you still reading this? 

now don't get any ideas but i found this the other day. is it bad that i love a lot of these names? they sound so innocent, and so intriguing. i want to get to know people with these names. but hell, by the time i start having kids maybe these will be really over-used. if thats the case then i could see incorporating one of them into my pottery store and cafe/bakery name, or possibly using one for my hypothetical small furry white dog with blue eyes and knitted collar. 

and this concludes this morning episode of procrastination station. have a productive day! 


fille said...

the pictures hanging from the wire - i really like it! i have something similar to that in my room but it is made very cheaply, but still looks nice.

carly. said...

i want to have my own blog header. how did you make yours? is it easy? sometimes i can be good with computers, other times nooot so much.


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