Monday, November 17, 2008

wasted time running scared when all love needs is to be believed in

06 Cowboys
sometimes i forget to breath. i forget that the world isn't going to end if i don't get a headline just perfect. i forget that other people can't see all the colours i see. i forget that i got myself here, and that here is where i want to be. i forget to make lists of all the things i DID. i forget to be thankful for forward momentum. i forget to smile at the people who scowl. sometimes i forget to say please before i say thank-you. i forget to savour. i forget that the future is the future and the present is what's important. i forget that its my life, and if i'm happy with the result, then that should be the highest standard. i forgot how good tea with milk and sugar is. 
04 Sundays

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Day by day!
You sound like a counseller.

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