Friday, November 7, 2008

nano chromatic

is the name of the new ipod nano line and its really fun to say. say it out loud, you know you want to. 
not sure what i want to write about. i'm feeling very complacent right now. definitely stressed out for sure, but its still in a good productive way.  

okay so i spelled definitely wrong in the last sentence so i ctrl click on it and the spelling options of definitely and definitly come up. luckily i have the ask a friend option, julia is laying on the flop couch beside me. she has no idea what the second way of spelling it is, how do you even say that word? what does it mean? i googled it and urban dictionary says definitly - Yet another impressively popular mis-spelling of the word [definitely]. just going to throw it out there but since when are the popular misspellings of words included in spell check? i feel like those are probably the most important words to not be in the spellcheck. 

anyway. now thats over. i wrote about always keeping moving on thursday night and its really been working for me. i don't have very much alone time, but i find i am much more productive, awake and dynamic. its hard to explain but its good and i'm not burnt out, yet. 

i'm looking forward to graduating. i think i am going to take a good hard look at what makes me happy every day and try to make my life filled with those things. i want to make more things. construct things with my hands and make somethings from nothings. texture is missing from my life right now. buttons, beads, paper, ripped paper, string, shiny, metal, see through, scratchy, corduroy. 

i have a little plan up my sleeve for my three favorites. its not going to be a secret anyway so i figured it would be okay to write about it. if your reading this prepare for cute little box, filled with all of the things i just listed above, give or take, being mailed to your door. you can add stuff if you want, there aren't any rules, no due dates or time limits. except one, you have to mail it to the next friend. you can make stuff with the materials and include it in the box to the next person, or maybe it would make someone else in the world smile. no rules. just crafts.

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