Thursday, October 2, 2008

a shout out to the gods of productivity

in the past hour i....
-paid my cell phone bill
-upgraded my internet plan
-changed a number on my MY 5
-registered for an online hydro bill
-paid my hydro bill
-paid my parking ticket (oooooops)
-wrote a cheque for my rent and put it in the right mailbox
-paid my mastercard
-successfully negotiated with my nana about keeping the car for the weekend
-sorted out an amazon refund for a customer that didn't want a book i sold them
-changed my facebook display picture for the first time since april sometime

imagine all my hours were like this? 

now its off to clean the apartment......

these pics are taken by Neil Domingues in my class at school for the portfolio show. we get to pick one and it will be shown on a looped powerpoint with one of our ads beside it. which one should i pick?


Terra said...
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Zoeyjane said...

Definitely #3. Please come and pay all of my bills, too, kay?

Anonymous said...

HHAAHA. All these pics are good.

1) too creepy, don't know what ur hands are doing

2) too sassy. Looks like ur sayin "Actually, I DO know about your life, HO."

3)confused weggie picker


5) joint smokin?

6) invisible price is right

7 8 and 9 are all good

Anonymous said...

p.s. you know who this is.

red food colouring said...

i picked numero 7. i thought it was cute and wasn't a 'glamour' shot like the rest of the girls in my class. gotta stand out that night.

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